I really like the picture of the little girl sitting down in the heather with Bosley when she makes him a Daisy Chain and puts it round his neck.

I like that nanny reads it in a funny accent.

My favourite chapter is when the burglars come and Bosley attacks. Would you recommend that your friends read it?

Cor Yeah!

Alfie Brighton- Albrow  age 9 Dussindale Primary School

I like the bit where Bosley makes everything right again after he has been naughty by giving gifts. I am pleased that Bosley won obedience classes and biscuits, I think he would be good at obedience.

Which is your favourite picture? My best picture is the one with Bosley saving Wedgington Charles the teddy bear from the river.

Lucas Brighton-Albrow age 7 Dussindale Primary School

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