Background to the Book 


The book is set in the Highlands of Scotland, England – An ancient range of mountains and green valleys which provide a mysterious backdrop to the story, providing places for children and a little dog to explore and get lost in and streams to enjoy. The mountains can be dark and foreboding at times.

The characters particularly live in a rambling stone house which also serves as Mr. and Mrs. McTavishes’ bed and breakfast business.


 The main characters are Bosley the West Highland WhiteTerrier, his mistress Mrs. McTavish and master Mr. McTavish

Readers will very quickly fall in love with Bosley. He is mischievous, but adorable he is finding his way in the big wide world and learning very quickly what behaviour will and will not be tolerated by his master and mistress.

Mrs. McTavish loves him from the moment they are introduced. Bosley has a very special affection for her and this is often demonstrated by a gently biting of her nose! Whenever he is in trouble she taps his bottom gently and sends him to his basket, but Bosley always gets a cuddle when Mr. McTavish has left the room!

Mr. McTavish, from early on, did not approve of the puppy showing his affection. This Bosley often does by long pink licks of the tongue and jumping up, barking excitedly.

Mr. McTavish gives the impression of being very stern with the dog but we see glimpses of kindness from him when we, the reader, least expect it.

This may be because the couple are childless and Bosley becomes a very precious member of the family

Mr. McTavish doesn’t however approve of the very easy relationship Bosley has with his wife. There is an incident when he comes down to breakfast and finds Bosley frolicking on the floor with Mrs. McTavish whilst she is still in her dressing gown, read on…..

Mr. McTavish particularly has occasion early on in the book to reprimand the little puppy and threatens to return him to the kennels if his behaviour does not improve.

We do see him casting a protective eye over the dog at other times and signs of affection become evident!

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